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Adrienneislove Social Media

Social Media Usernames Hello everyone! It seems as though many readers are wanting to know my social media account user names so we can chat more often and if there’s any questions! Well here it is!   Twitter: adrienneislove (most used)  Facebook: Adrienne Doggan  Snapchat: adrienneislove  Instagram: adrienneislovee  Pinterest: Queen Luna  Tumblr: adrienneislove MyTraining: Adrienne

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Black Girl In Apocalypse: Survival Tips (Packing)

Being a scary movie enthusiast, I have seen my fair share of scary movies. The slasher films and spooky ghosts stories have gotten less interesting to me (maybe because all the modern ones suck). My all time favorite theme of horror films now are the apocalyptic/survival films. Zombie disasters, flu or disease epidemics, alien invasion,

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A Whole New World ..New Beginnings..Yadda Yadda

My very fist blog post…wow. This is a method of venting and/or educating that I’ve always wanted to try out. Now I’m finally beginning.. there’s so much I want to explain to you. So first off, let’s begin with my mission: I, Adrienne, aka, Queen Luna, aka, Luna, aka flower child, aka your key to

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