Dr. Sebi’s Bromide Plus Powder

bromide plus powder

You may or may not have heard of Dr. Sebi. He is a world renowned herbalist and creator of Dr. Sebi’s Cell Food products and the Nutritional Guide which tells you how to eat on a completely alkaline diet. The nutritional guide is a great guide that tells you what you should be eating. Dr. Sebi teaches that if a food is not alkaline then it is acidic and acidic foods deteriorates our body and causes mucus to build up. In the words of Dr. Sebi, “There’s only one disease and that one disease is mucus.” He was known to use his herbs to cure many diseases including diabetes and cancer. Many people confide in him to improve their health tenfold.

bromide plus powder

This is the official Nutritional Guide

Dr. Sebi also has natural products made of only natural herbs that he sells on his website. The products are completely natural. Some come in powder form and are made of herbs from his nutritional guide.


I purchased the Bromide Plus Powder product which is made of just two herbs, Irish Seamoss and Bladderwrack. Seamoss and Bladderwrack are seaweeds. They’re a natural diuretic. These two herbs suppress the appetite, regulates bowels, and are helpful to the overall digestive system. Bromide Plus also has 92 of the 102 minerals the body needs. It is a multi-mineral powder to prepare nourishing shakes and teas.

I made my shake in a pot over the stove instead of using a blender. It really did taste like a cappuccino!

I made my shake in a pot over the stove instead of using a blender. It really did taste like a cappuccino!

I will be taking this Bromide Plus Powder every day and I will be back with the results. I’ve already had it for one day (and while you’re on the Bromide Plus Powder you must drink one gallon of spring water and only eat what is on the nutritional guide) and it tastes like a seaweed cappuccino! It’s not bad at all. You can’t even taste the seaweed. I used Dr. Sebi’s recipe which is the Bromide Plus Powder with hemp milk, cinnamon, and agave. Thanks for reading! Leave comments below! Peace & love.

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