What Is Love?

What is love? Love, real love, true love can make you do the craziest things. Love is a beautiful happening. I can honestly say that I’ve been in love twice. Both times were a wild ride. It’s hard to describe love because it doesn’t happen very often. It’s like a drug. The moment you hit it once you’ll never feel the same again. Love is risking your heart. Here is what I believe love is.


Love Is Not Lust

When you find someone that is beautiful and the sex is good, one may automatically believe they’re in love. When this occurs, the body sometimes makes it difficult for one to resist the temptation of giving in to lust. It becomes an addiction. An unhealthy addiction. If your feelings go no deeper than the surface, it’s not love.


Love Is Life Changing, Be Ready

A true love can and will change your life, let me tell you. Whether it’s for the best or for the worse, it will change everything. I’ve been on both sides of the fence. I once had a love that was negative and I’ve had a love that made me a greater person. Although they had different meanings and lessons, they were both still love. You have to be the one that decides whether a love is worth having or not.


Love Is Beautiful

what is love

Last year in 2015, I fell in love with nature. I would go outside with my yoga mat, do my yoga, and let the wind bless my skin. Every morning I would do this. It was a spiritually liberating experience. It made me love myself more as well as the world around me. It made me love nature. I spent a lot, and I mean a lot of time outside. I’d go barefoot and let the grass flow between my toes. I’m a hippie already at heart, so this experience made me even more of a tree hugger.

The most beautifully liberating action I would do outside is dance. I’d get my Ipod and my headphones and just dance. I used to dance in grade school and I’ve always practiced in private but last year in the fall season I would dance outside almost every day. I remember my neighbor saying that I was, “very graceful.” Soon after, he passed away and it made me happy that I could give him a nice show on his way to the other side. So yeah, learn to love your environment. It’s a truly beautiful experience.


Love Is True Intimacy

what is love

True intimacy is being able to fully open up and reveal yourself to another energy. Like being naked in the grass or laying your head on your loved one’s lap. It’s the freeing feeling of being totally uninhibited.


Love Is Without Judgement

what is love

Someone that really loves you will not judge you regarding the things you do nor the person you are. Love is forgiving in nature, and it allows you to be you.


So that is what I feel love is in a nut shell. I’ll have more posts about love in posts to come. Thanks for reading and leave some love or questions in the comments! Peace/love


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