Month: October 2016

Vegan Jerky Review!

Yes, you read correctly! There is such thing as vegan jerky ladies and gentlemen. Today was my first time trying it, and it was delicious. I haven’t posted anything with a bad taste, so trust me when I say, it’s good! Back when I used to eat meat, I loved, absolutely loved beef jerky. I

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Trader Joe’s Frozen Burritos Review

On a whim, I decided to try these organic vegetable burritos from Trader Joe’s to see how they taste since they’re vegan. The enchilada sauce I picked up, (it was right next to the burritos) also vegan. I tried one of the burritos for the first time yesterday and baby, it was extra good. It

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Power Green Salad Meal

It’s been a little minute since I’ve been able to get on this here blog and I’m so happy to be back able to write to you all. A hater keeps shutting down my site so I apologize for the absenteeism.   A few days ago, I had the most wonderfullest meal everrrr. It was

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